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JDB Health & Performance supply health, fitness and performance equipment to some of the leading sports stars in the UK.

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PainPro™ is designed to deliver 12 different modes of treatment, each at a level of intensity that can be set by the user.

It is designed to be similar to a smart phone in operation – the screen is touch sensitive and intuitive to use.

The 12-mode functionality of the PainPro™ means that it is highly versatile, able to treat many conditions and ideal for sports performance enhancement.

Physicool Bandage

Physicool is a reusable, cooling, compression bandage proven to be safe and effective. Physicool cools the tissue of an affected limb around which it is circumferentially wrapped. The active ingredients are a mixture of rapidly evaporating alcohols. Fuelled by body heat, the coolant evaporates reducing skin and sub-surface
tissue temperature – rapidly reducing pain and swelling.


Tyrone Mckeena

“The Mighty Celt” Tyrone McKenna is a 6 foot South Paw from Belfast and is a proud user of the PainPro™. JDB Health are happy to be associated with such an excellent boxer. Winning his previous fight against Renald Garrido on points.
Tyrone trains and recovers with PainPro and you can see his social media full of images and videos using the device.



It isn’t just about elite athletes as JDB donated a PainPro™ to Rory to help with his pain. Rory can be seen here with a big smile on his face as he benefits from the electronic stimulation.
Using mode 10 ‘EMS’ Rory has been able to strengthen the muscles in his legs and is now progressing well.

Follow him on Twitter @roryswishtowalk


Neil has been riding track bikes for many years and at 59 has travelled for thousands of miles on his bike.
Neil uses a variety of settings on his PainPro™ but the main use on the wrists as you can imagine how much they are used whilst on his bike.
The PainPro has helped to build up some strength in his forearms and Neil was also enjoying the relaxation modes in his arms, shoulders and up to his neck.


Marc is a life guard and a level 3 PT, he has been using PainPro™ whilst training and gaining benefit from the EMS.
Anyone who trains can improve their results with EMS and they can improve recovery times using other modes on the device.
The recovery of muscles is just as important as the work rate and many people turn to Whey Protein and shakes but with PainPro you can recover quickly without the need to ingest. Marc is using the PainPro extensively now.

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