When you use PainPro™, the EMS, TENS and BMWT all work together to block pain, stimulate muscle fibres, increase blood flow and flush out toxins. Micro-current is then used to boost ATP levels.


Using breakthrough Microcurrent technology and cell repair, the PainPro™ helps you to recover from physical activity.


Trusted by physiotherapists the world over, PainPro™ technology is proven to provide immediate pain relief to a wide variety of ailments without ingesting any drugs.


PainPro™ isn’t just for athletes and sports people. Millions of people in the UK suffer from pain – whether it be temporary through injury or due to a long term condition. Increasingly, people are becoming more aware of the downsides of long term medication and are seeking alternatives. The PainPro™ provides strong and natural pain relief to areas afflicted by pain and is completely free of any drugs or analgesics and the extensive side effect profiles that such chemical drugs contain. Sufferers of both chronic and acute pain are able to notice instant pain relief via application of the technology. Through gentle pulse stimulation, PainPro™ is able to target specific areas of pain to assist in the management of different pain conditions.

About PainPro™

The PainPro™ builds on decades of research and sports science to create a new and improved system from Bioelectrical Microcurrent Wave Technology (BMWT). The device uses a unique waveform technology that delivers gradual, more natural electrical pulses to muscles, unlike other devices that deliver harsh square form pulses that quickly contract and release muscles in an unnatural way.

The PainPro™ uses pulse signals that imitate the body’s natural behaviours, allowing for longer muscle contractions without fatigue or stress.

The result is a deeper muscle fibre therapy, facilitating more effective recovery, greater muscle building benefits and stronger pain relief using various techniques including Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS).

The PainPro’s™ next generation Microcurrent Technology mimics and augments the natural current flow of the human body, allowing cells in traumatised areas to recover effectively. The result? Fast acting, targeted pain relief that works – and longer term muscular recovery and conditioning.

The PainPro™ is the flagship device for the next generation of electrotherapy devices, delivering effective, noticeable results.

What does PainPro™ do?

Athletes and sports people may already be familiar with older forms of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) treatments for both muscular conditioning and injury rehabilitation.

However, these older machines are typically expensive, cumbersome and with limited functionality. Not the PainPro™! No bigger than a mobile phone, the PainPro™ combines all the power of older, bigger machines with 12 different treatment modes – each one specifically designed for a particular purpose.

Furthermore, the PainPro™ combines the latest form of EMS technology with cutting edge Biometric Microcurrent Wave Technology (BMWT) which closely approximates the body’s natural bioelectric currents – effectively augmenting the body’s tissue healing and repair processes.

The PainPro™™ allows athletes, amateur sportspeople, gym enthusiasts and all people with an active lifestyle to accelerate the results from training, increase strength and conditioning, and perform at higher intensity for longer periods.

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