PainPro EMS Training Device


Enhanced muscular recovery and relief from chronic pain without the need for drugs. Unique triple therapy device, TENS, EMS and Microcurrent.



The PainPro is the latest generation, cutting edge portable device especially suitable for athletes and sportspeople due to its advanced features.

The PainPro package includes:

  • One PainPro unit
  • 2 pairs of electrode wires
  • 2 pairs of medium pads
  • Built in rechargeable lithium battery
  • Pad holder
  • USB charger cable
  • UK AC charger adaptor
  • User Guide
  • Pad Placement Guide
  • 2 Year Warranty

1) Chronic Pain Relief – moderate to high TENS with a little EMS

use for: long lasting pain over 3 months e.g., rheumatoid & osteoarthritis & arthritis, joint & limb pain, period pain, headache & migraine.

2) Acupuncture – short pulses of TENS for pain relief and gentle muscle stimulation

use for: acute pain caused by sporting injuries, soft tissue damage & inflammation.


a)  Lower body – hamstrings, quads, calves, glutes, lower back, shins

b)  Upper body – shoulders neck, deltoids, trapezius.

3)  Muscle Tapping – pulsed stimulation into the muscle

use for stimulating movement to stiffened joints & muscles

Ideal for application post training to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

4) Circulation – equal amount of TENS and EMS for pain relief and muscle stimulation

use to promote blood flow to areas of stiffness or injury e.g., arthritic joint stiffness. Increased blood flow to applied area speeds up rate of recovery. Can speed up recovery further when used in conjunction with program 12.

5) Massage – greater degree of EMS for deep muscle massage plus touch of TENS. Simple, predictable sustained wave pattern

use for gentle massage for tired, stiff muscles or just an aid to relaxation. Helps to increase blood flow and promote muscle relaxation, to help with recovery. Neck, lower back, shoulders. Ideal for people with office jobs, driving jobs or on your feet all day. Can be used on all limbs and muscle groups.

6) Health & Wellbeing Regeneration – TENS for pain relief followed by muscle tapping – pain relief and muscle stimulation together

use to reduce pain while stimulating the muscle – good combination for acute injury to muscle/soft tissue. Also good for stiffness around the neck and shoulder area. All muscle groups, stiff sore areas

7) Relaxation Massage – 5x lengthy EMS waves followed by 1x pulsed TENS

use for sore muscles and joints before moving on to program with more vigorous EMS (similar to program 5 but greater emphasis on pain relief)

8) Foot Massage – short pulses of TENS & EMS – stimulate muscles whilst giving pain relief

use for sole of foot and heel for plantar fasciitis or sole of foot and calf for a perfect foot massage & relive calf stiffness

9) Deep Tissue Massage – muscle tap followed by strong TENS & EMS

use for sports massage to get deep in to muscles for stiff and overused muscles/ all big muscle groups: upper/lower back, neck, shoulders, biceps, triceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, quads, tibialis anterior, IT band syndrome. Perfect for very active lifestyles, gym goers and sports people.

10) Muscle Strength Build – short pulse of TENS & muscle tapping followed by EMS gradually building to strong intensity and sustaining at peak before dropping off back to the start of the program

use for rehabilitation for post-surgery following ligament damage e.g., MCL/ACL, injuries that limit range of movement. Helps to maintain muscle mass without any muscle wastage.

use also for help with muscle strength and endurance giving the muscle more and stronger contractions than conventional training. Muscle contractions are up to 30% stronger than voluntary contractions allowing for a much more intense workout/training session.

11) Calorie Consumption – slow build up – initial TENS then EMS – EMS is sustained at a level that does not fatigue the muscle

use to aids fat loss by stimulating muscles over long periods without fatiguing them- BEST RESULTS ALONGSIDE A HEALTHY DIET AND A GOOD TRAINING REGIMEN.

12) Microcurrent – application of Microcurrent is only on intensity levels 1 & 2

use to speed up the recovery and healing process. The program applies a current that mimics the body’s own SOS current and can speed up the healing process by up to 200%

EMS can be used in the treatment of neurological conditions such as Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, and Cerebral Palsy to decrease spasticity and help maintain muscle strength for as long as possible. PAIN 1,2,4,6 and muscle strengthen 10

PAIN   MODES 1,2,4,6










Period pain (woman)

Head ache migraine

Stiff, sore or tight due to activity 3,5,7

All muscle groups






Helps to strengthen all muscles around injured affected area to protect.