Self Adhesive Electrode Pads (Pack of 4)


4.8 cm by 7.5 cm hand shape non-woven self adhesive electrotherapy electrode pads – Pack of 4

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Set of high quality, reusable, stud connection, hand shape non-woven button self adhesive electrode pads.

Ideal for treating all muscle groups or painful areas. Specified and sourced to give optimum results from your PainPro™.

Also compatible with other units using a stud connection.

  • Non-woven fabric electrode pads
  • Self adhesive, re-usable, long life
  • Bio-compatible, dry out resisting
  • Lower impedance, more uniform current distribution
  • No hot spots, more stimulation comfort
  • Durable construction: can even pull out from the lead wire without damage
  • Not plastic
  • Specially designed hole on each pad to release the generated heat and give more comfort and less irritation