Which PainPro™ Mode to use for your legs.

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Which PainPro™ Mode to use for your legs.

Mode 1: Chronic Pain Relief – for long term chronic pain.

painpro used on legMode 2: Acupuncture – for relieving acute pain.

Both modes can be used to help reduce pain whether that be living with pain acute or chronic. Also perfect for post surgery for pain and to help reduce pain while trying to get your range of movement back to normal.

Mode 4: Circulation Enhancement – for better blood flow.

Can be used to reduce inflammation due to injury or a chronic condition like arthritis. Can also help people with circulation issues.

Mode 3: Muscle Tapping – deep massage for pain relief

Mode 5: Muscle Massage – for targeted pain relief

Mode 6: Regeneration – joint pain and muscle cramp.

Mode 7: Relaxation – for ultimate muscle recovery

Mode 9: Deep Tissue Relief – stimulation and restoration

All these modes are different variations of massage from relaxation to deep tissue massage. Can help fatigue and cramp flushing out toxins and lactic acid using regeneration mode.

Mode 8: Foot Massage – short, deep pulses.

Foot massage can help flush lactic acid out of the lower limbs, ideal for runners and sports people to have a perfect recovery.

Mode 10: Muscle Stimulation – enhance muscle performance.

Muscle build can help maintain muscle while incapacitated due to injury, surgery or chronic conditions. Making recovery from injury a lot quicker, helping maintain muscle mass and strength.

Mode 12: Cell Repair via Microcurrent – enhanced recovery and repair.

Microcurrent Therapy, you can further enhance your recovery by boosting your ATP levels, accelerating muscle fiber regeneration