Who’s using PainPro

I have used the painpro with players and find it a really useful modality while working with elite athletes.
We use painpro for recovery and maintenance but we have also used it in the rehab of injuries and to maintain muscle mass during periods of immobilisation.
It also can be used from a performance point of view. David Spendiff


I was initially using PainPro for recovery after training sessions but now I am using it for warm up and during my gym exercises. The EMS is helping and my 1k time is improving every week and I am now doing the run faster than I have ever done it. I would not want to be without my PainPro as I use several times a day now. Michelle Hunt

Footballer, Wigan Athletic Ladies F.C.

I have used PainPro™ and it has helped me with m,y muscle problem on my arm and shoulder. I use it for preparation before a round of golf and afterwards. David Brammer

Football Agent