Physicool helping Zoe Romano to run the Tour de France over 10 weeks, using it asa cold therapy to help her recover on the go at hotels and even in the car , using it when ever posible for maximum results.

Zoe Romano / Ultra runner
sam wedgbury

Sam was set back with another ACL injury. He used Painpro asoon as he left the hospital after surgery. He found it a huge help, being 2 weeks ahead of schedule so early thanks to Painpro.

Sam Wedgbury / Professional Footballer

Sam Wedgbury’s Video Testimonial

david spendiff

I have used Painpro with players and find it a really useful modality while working with elite athletes. Using Painpro for recovery and maintenance, also in the rehab of injuries and to maintain muscle mass during periods of immolation. Can be used from a performance point of view aswell.

David Spendiff / Physiotherapist
rory gallagher with cerbral palsy

It isn’t just about elite athletes as JDB donated a Painpro to Rory to help with his pain. Rory can be seen here with a big smile on his face as he benefits from the electronic stimulation. Using mode 10 ‘Strength build’ Rory has been able to strengthen the muscles in his legs and is progressing well.

Rory Gallagher / Cerebral Palsy
tyrone mckenna

Tyrone uses Painpro and Physicool products for enhanced training and recovery making great use of both for injury prevention and recovery.

Tyrone Mc Kenna / Super Lightweight Boxer
marc spencer

Marc is a level 3 PT, he has been using Painpro whilst training and gaining benefits from EMS. Anyone who trains can improve their results with EMS training. The recovery of muscles is just as important as the work rate. Marc is now using Painpro extensively now.

Marc Spencer / Personal Trainer
neil thomson

Been riding track bikes for many years and at 59 has teavelled thousands of miles on his bike. Neil uses variety of modes on Painpro, but the main use is for his wrist and ‘arm pump’. The Painpro has helped build up strength in the fore arms while also relieving pain and using relaxation modes on neck, back and shoulders.

Neil Thomson / Motorcyclist
Dave Brammer

An ex-pro footballer now turned football agent, I have seen an used many products in my career but the Painpro is one of the best. I now play alot of golf and the recovery aspect helps my back and shoulders its amazing.

Dave Brammer / Ex football/ Football Agent