Athletes and sports people may already be familiar with older forms of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) treatments for both muscular conditioning and injury rehabilitation. However, these older machines are typically expensive, cumbersome and with limited functionality.

Not the PainPro™! No bigger than a mobile phone, the PainPro™ combines all the power of older, bigger machines with 12 different treatment modes – each one specifically designed for a particular purpose. Furthermore, the PainPro™ combines the latest form of EMS technology with cutting edge Biometric Microcurrent Wave Technology (BMWT) which closely approximates the body’s natural bioelectric currents – effectively augmenting the body’s tissue healing and repair processes.

The PainPro™™ allows athletes, amateur sportspeople, gym enthusiasts and all people with an active lifestyle to accelerate the results from training, increase strength and conditioning, and perform at higher intensity for longer periods.